Robots and Robotics Kits


13 Kas 2007
Robots and Robotics Kits

ROBONOVA-1 Humanoid Robot Robonova-1 Hitec Robotics ROBONOVA-I is an exciting new humanoid robot that offers educators, students and robotic hobbyists a complete robot package. The stable ROBONOVA-I can walk, run, do back-flips, cartwheels, dance moves and once programmed, is ready to compete in a variety of robot competitions.

Robo Jr Light Junior Robots (4 products) - The Robo Junior kits come with clear, easy to follow directions. They can be ordered with the circuit board either assembled (no soldering required) or unassembled. These robot kits
are ideal for someone just beginning to explore the world of robotics.
Mr Line

Line Following Robots (3 products) - Advanced Line tracing robots, they follow a path laid out along a floor or other smooth surface. The path must be a dark line on a light background. Each emitter projects infrared light onto the floor. The amount of light reflected back from the dark line differs from that reflected from the floor; thus it can tell where the dark line is.
Programmable Robots

Programmable Robots (14 products) - We have a great range of fully programmable robots to suit all tastes and levels of ability, from entry-level, intermediate and advanced. With video clips that demonstrate what can be achieved with a little imagination!

Robotic Arms Robotic Arms (5 products) - The Lynxmotion robotic arms deliver fast, accurate, and repeatable movement. The robot features base rotation, shoulder, elbow and wrist motion, and a functional gripper. The Lynx robotic arm is an affordable robust system with a proven design that will last and last. Everything needed to assemble the robot is included in the kit.

Robotic Legs Robotic Legs - This 3DOF (degree of freedom) leg design is the most rugged available. It's popular with Hexapod and Quadrapod robot builders. The all aluminum construction even incorporates ball bearings in each joint. Made from the highest quality aluminium alloy. All required hardware is included. Finish is brushed aluminium.

Lynx A Gripper Kit Lynx Gripper Kits (2 products) - Improve the performance of your old arm, improved operation over pushrod style grippers, includes Precision laser cut lexan components, mechanical hardware Hitec HS–81 servo. Specifications Servo motion control = local closed loop Gripper opening = 2” Servo voltage = 6 vdc Easy to assemble and install.

Extreme Hexapod Walking Robot Walking Robots (6 products) - The Extreme Hexapod 1 Walker Kit really walks using a simplified version of the alternating tripod gait. The robot's six legs are controlled by three servos to provide full stride, (horizontal motion), and 1" of leg lift, (vertical motion). The middle legs use a parallelogram design to make the lifting operation much more efficient.

Maze Solving Robots Maze Solving Robots (2 products) - AIRAT2 is a micromouse robot that uses an 8051 CPU. The AIRAT2 emits a beam of light and uses sensors to receive the amount reflected back. The CPU board utilizes the JS8051-A2 board. The JS8051-A2 is very well constructed. It uses powerful outside resources such s LCD, ADC, two external timers, self-FLASH writing and more.

Rogue Blue Modular Robotics Kits (2 products) - If you are new to robotics and programming principles this is a great kit to start with. You can run through a variety of well-structured examples and then when you are familiar with robotics concepts develop your own applications

Lego MindStorms NXT Robotics System - The LEGO MindStorms Robotics Invention System is a great kit for beginners, yet powerful enough for high school and university-level students to make impressive projects (inexpensive prototyping system!). Now you can create programmable robots that navigate obstacles, follow trails, or react to changes in light detected by its sensors. No prior programming experience is required; LEGO's intuitive software helps you along the way.

MA-VIN Robot Kit MA-VIN Robot Kit (1 product) - A versatile modular robotics teaching resource with easy Icon–based visual programming for the beginner and ‘C’ programmable using WINAVR. MA-VIN will help students develop new skills and confidence in microelectronics, programming, robotics, sensing and control.
Mark III Robot Kit Sumo Robots (2 product) - The Mark III Robot kit includes everything you need to build a complete autonomous robot including controller board, sensors, microcontroller, chassis, wheels, motors, documentation and software. Just add batteries

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